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Claudia Byrne--President

BA, DePaul University

With Additional Advanced Degree Coursework in Primary Education

During her career, Claudia has held a variety of management, executive assistant, administrative, clerical and support positions.

Additionally, Claudia was, at one time, the co-owner  of a retail coffee franchise, where she was responsible for all administrative functions supporting the business operation, including accounts payable and receivable, bookkeeping, banking, payroll, inventory, staffing and training as well as policy and procedure development.

Most recently, Claudia was the general manager of a restaurant (Cilantro), where she was responsible for all front-of-house activities.  In addition to the functions described above, she was responsible for all banquet, catering and party planning.  She is the holder of a State of Illinois Sanitation Certificate.

Claudia has also been the co-owner of a retail coffee franchise--The Coffee Beanery of River Oaks, where she was responsible for all administrative functions relating to the management of the business.

Prior to that, she held various management and administrative positions with Art-Line, National Futures Association, Hennessy & Company and the Chicago Board of Trade.  She was a senior Administrative Assistant at the Chicago Board of Trade: Office Manager at Hennessy & Company and occupied a key role in Records Management in the membership and Registration Department of  National Futures Association.

As Office Manager ant Hennessy & Company, she was also responsible for planning, organizing, booking and supervising conventions and large scale business meetings involving the principals and futures traders associated with the firm.

Claudia also interned at one of the most prominent River North art galleries - Zolla-Lieberman Gallery

She also participates in various volunteer activities in the community.

In sum,  Claudia, both as a business owner and employee,  has combined a breadth and depth of experience in business administration rarely found in a single individual, thereby permitting her to step into almost any office environment and begin to offer productive assistance immediately.

She is also an experienced user of Microsoft Office applications and a variety of other business support tools.

Claudia A. Byrne

Experience and Skills

Dependable and Consistently Excellent Service

Administrative Service Team                                   708-354-8008

Clients and Employers

-Cilantro Restaurant


-National Futures Assn.

-Zolla-Lieberman Gallery

-Hennessy & Company

-Chicago Board of Trade


-The Coffee Beanery of River Oaks

Volunteer Activities

-First Congregational Church of LaGrange

-Hinsdale Hospital

-Goodwill Industries